Xonotic Servers

Our Xonotic servers are so awesome! ^^

These servers collect player statistics and sends them to https://stats.xonotic.org if you enabled this feature. You can control the amount of data sent (and even completely turn it off) with the Xonotic settings cl_allow_uidtracking and cl_allow_uid2name. We do not store this data ourselves.

Server Rules

The server admins reserve the right to ban anyone without prior warning if found to break any of the rules or have a negative effect on the game or the players.

  1. Spammers and trolls are not tolerated
  2. Clients modified in a way that allows abuse or give an advantage over other players are not allowed
  3. Running scripts that use server resources without prior permission is not allowed
  4. Trying to circumvent a ban has the effect of prolonging the ban time (or even make it permanent and irrevocable)
  5. Insulting the admins (or other people in general) might cause a ban
  6. Intentionally disrupting the gameplay is not allowed
  7. Impersonating admins or pretending to be affiliated to the EAC clan is not permitted

If you feel you have been unjustly banned you can talk to us on IRC (see out contact page) but remember that the right to play in these server is granted by the admins and it’s their final decision whether to let someone play or not.

The above rules apply to all of the services available through EAC (including but not limited to xonotic servers, IRC channels, web resources and mumble).